One of the most elevated tees on the course affords a excellent view of the hole. The elevated tee presents a downhill dog leg right tee shot, which plays into the prevailing wind. An option exist to shorten the dog leg for the longer hitter, but they must carry a grassy ridge to 200m. The tee position, wind direction and wind strength will play a big part in the decision. For the shorter hitter a wide fairway is presented to the left, and short right, shaped to receive balls. The later part of the golf hole plays through a valley between two low dunes with a lot of rolling hummocky ground. The green is unprotected by bunkers and is set up on two levels. The second shot is generally played back into the prevailing wind, from an off camber lie and needs consideration in club selection. The right side of the green is receptive to low running shots below the wind, the left side is more elevated with steep escarpments front and rear where extreme accuracy is required to get it close to the pin.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   4 7 401
   Blue   4 7 351
   NZ Seniors   4 7 338
   Purple   4 7 119
   Red   4 7 253
   Slate   4 5 330
   White   4 7 307
   Blue   4 1 351
   NZSP   4 1 329
   Purple   4 7 119
   Red   4 1 253
   Slate   4 3 330
   White   4 3 307