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Saturday 28 January 2012 - Morning Draw

Topic: Men’s Competition Draw
Christchurch Golf Club
Saturday 28 January 2012
Morning Field - Shotgun Start at 8.00am
Men's Event: B B Wood Memorial Trophy
Competition: Teams Event - Best Ball Stoke Net
Sponsored by LION
1 Rae Irlwin Hollister Wallace
1 Kotzikas Young Kirkwood Sekeris
2 Music Gow Nixon Barbour
3 Naka Tamaki Koyama Yamashita
4 Borrie Davey Pearse Toon
5 Wong Liong Chan Neoh
5 Kirby Edwards Gray Sturge
7 Buxton Adams Bull Kirkland
7 McMillan Smith Sinclair Loughnan
9 Tiller Davies Aitken Rajendra
9 Woodfield Phelan Glass Panckhurst
12 Paulsen McSoriley Millar McElrea
12 Townsend Tyro Doherty Sanders
13 Hooper Burgess Maxwell Bradley
13 Henley Henley Brown McGuinniety
14 Murray Hughes Mitchell Shearing
  Weekend Women Opening Day - Canadian Foursome
15 June Jill Susan Jo
15 Gillian Hilary Jude   
16 Lorraine W Leigh Rebecca Dianne
16 Brigitte Glenys Leighanne Lorraine S
17 Love Straker Hillary Pullan
17 McTaggart Keir Hedges Badger
18 Lee Hanham McEwan Rountree
Enter at the Pro Shop for:
Two's, Two's Jackpot, Net Eagles and Nearest the Pin on 3, 11 & 18
Enter the Ringers Competiton: $20 for the year
Prize Giving in the Clubhouse at approximately 5.50pm